Top 10 Benefits of Using NFC & RFID for Events & Concerts

Chances are you’ve heard the buzz about NFC and RFID for events and/or concerts. The wireless event tech has become standard at the country’s top music festivals, with fans proudly wearing their NFC and RFID USB Card Badge year-round like a badge of honor.  Video Viral Inc. has patent pending technology for the only USB Card with built in NFC and/or RFID technology.

But NFC and RFID (which stands for Near Field Communication and Radio Frequency Identification) isn’t just for the huge music festivals anymore. From cashless food and drink festivals to races using NFC and RFID USB Card Badges, the tech can be used by all types of events and/or concerts to delight attendees with shorter lines and interactive experiences.

The benefits of NFC and RFID for events and/or concerts go far and wide for organizers and their attendees alike. Fans can choose to link their emails, social media profiles, and even wallet with their NFC and RFID USB Card Badges before the event to engage in new ways day-of. Beyond streamlining entry and lines within the event, NFC and RFID enables fans to connect in new ways with you, your sponsors, and each other.

From practical improvements to interactive experiences, here are 10 ways you can use NFC and RFID at your event or concert to improve the attendee’s experience.

  1. Get fans inside quickly

RFID and NFC USB Card Badges for events or concerts

No one wants to wait in 7-hour lines to get in an event. So it’s no surprise that one of the most exciting elements of NFC and RFID is that it can seriously speed up entrance. At Maker Faire New York, they scanned in 30 people with NFC and RFID bracelets each minute during peak entry traffic — and the technology has the capacity for 120 scans per minute.

With NFC and RFID, fans simply move their USB Card Badges over a sensor to get in. No more digging in purses to find a ticket, or difficulty getting a scanner to process a wrinkled barcode. Plus, NFC and RFID technology is both more accurate and 10x faster than barcode scanners, and makes it simple to handle complex multi-day events and/or concerts and re-entry.

NFC and RFID also streamlines easy access to multiple zones within an event. From VIP areas to backstage, attendees have whatever level of access they need on their chip.

  1. Improve your event with real-time insights

NFC and RFID gives organizers immediate insight into how foot traffic flows through their event. For multi-day events and/or concerts, this allows organizers to learn from day one and change gates or add extra lanes based on the NFC and RFID data. These insights have impact year-over-year as well, as organizers can use the information to learn where to place concession stands, toilets, and more to eliminate bottlenecks.

So if you’ve ever wondered which speakers, sponsors, or performers were most popular, now you can find out. It’s easy to gather the data and put those insights in action to draw an even bigger crowd next year.

  1. Go cashless

Forget long lines at ATMs with exorbitant fees, or fans taking out their wallet time and time again. Now they can pay for purchases with a simple tap of their wrist. By adding their payment information to their NFC and RFID tag before the event, it’s easier than ever for attendees to buy. After all, even if it only takes two minutes to take out cash for a purchase, two minutes adds up across thousands of attendees. And since attendees don’t have to carry lots of cash or drink tickets in their pockets, they can stop worrying about loss or theft, and focus on enjoying the show.

If you’ve ever wondered which speakers, sponsors, or performers were most popular, now you can find out. It’s easy to gather the data and put those insights in action to draw an even bigger crowd next year.

USB Card Badge Tip: It pays off when you keep lines moving — literally. 

Research shows that fans spend up to 20% more on-site when they’re using NFC and RFID instead of cash, so you can satisfy their cravings while cashing in.

  1. Spotlight social integrations

NFC and RFID badges for concerts, events, trade shows, or festivals

Once fans associate their social media profiles and emails with their NFC and RFID, there are endless ways for them to engage on-site. You can program check-in spots with automatic tweets or Facebook posts around the event. That way all they have to do is swipe their USB Card Badges to share how much they love one vendor’s craft beer or a panel discussion. Your sponsors can even sync photo booths to post directly to their Instagram, or send the image to their email.

There’s no limit to how creative you can be to get fans engaging online without pulling out their phones. Just look at Tomorrowland, a summer music festival in Belgium. During the festival, if two strangers connected, they could press heart-shaped buttons on their lanyards in unison. It was one touch to stay in touch: at the end of the day, they were emailed the Facebook profiles of everyone they met.

  1. Strengthen connections with sponsors

NFC and RFID opens up entirely new doors to get fans engaging with your partners in creative ways. Before, sponsor competitions usually required attendees to manually type their info into an iPad, which most fans aren’t willing to spend time doing. Now they can just show their USB Card Badge to get engaged. It makes it way easier to execute raffles and gather data without being intrusive, and get more creative with games attendees love. From raffles to polls about favorite performers or teams operated by virtual votes (NFC and RFID taps), attendees are more willing to participate and share their info when it’s this easy.

The best news for your sponsors? With NFC and RFID check-in locations at sponsor booths, it’s easier than ever to track traffic at their booth and measure ROI. Instead of relying on info from the organizer or making loose assumptions based on the event size, they can get data and calculate the real value of the sponsorship. And not only can they get exact data on how many people they met, they can also follow up with them without manually requesting email addresses.

USB Card Badge Tip: Use NFC AND RFID data to pitch sponsors

You can use data in years to come to master your sponsor pitch. After all, what sponsor wouldn’t be willing kick in a little extra if you can prove that the average sponsor booth last year saw more than 100 fans engaging each hour?

  1. Expand the VIP experience

The last thing you want is for your VIPs to have to traipse across the event and stand in line to have a question answered. With NFC and RFID, you can take customer service on-the-go. With handheld devices, your staff can look up and edit account information as soon as VIPs have an issue. You can also offer the ability to upgrade access levels at the entrance to your VIP area, so GA attendees who realize what they’re missing can upgrade at the last-minute.

  1. Eliminate counterfeit tickets

Music USB Card Badges with Lanyard

Unlike traditional print-at-home tickets, NFC and RFID tags are each unique, with access levels that can be controlled remotely. That means they’re impossible to duplicate — making counterfeit a thing of the past. And if attendees lose their ticket, you can help them without worrying about copies. Since they’re associated with individual IDs, you can instantly deactivate the lost USB Card Badge and issue them a new one.

  1. Simplify package pickup

No attendee wants to go out of their way to pick up an USB Card Badge or packets before the event. And it’s not any more fun for organizers. With advanced fulfillment, attendees can let their USB Card Badge come to them – and you can generate even more excitement when attendees receive the package weeks before the event.

And with on-site fulfillment, organizers can also assign associate NFC and RFID USB Card Badges with attendees as they arrive. For organizers with a lot of last-minute sales in the days before their event, this is a simple way to streamline the process.

  1. Make the lanyard a fashion statement

LED Lanayards

One of the biggest highlights of NFC and RFID? It’s just downright cool. Fans love to keep lanyards for months to come to remember their awesome experience (and spread the FOMO to their friends through social media). You can get creative with the lanyard cloth, print, and packaging to customize the look and feel. Even NFC and RFID USB Card Badges can be a source of pride. If you design your USB Card Badges to be memento-worthy, it will sit on a participant’s shelf year-round. Not only does this generate loyalty among existing attendees, it’s also an opportunity to let your fans advertise for you year-round.

  1. Get to know your audience on a whole new level

One of the biggest benefits of NFC and RFID for events and/or concerts is that organizers can understand what their fans are engaging with and excited about. Since NFC and RFID is assigned to individuals, organizers gather the information of way more attendees, even in group orders. And since many fans link their bands to social profiles, organizers gain an in-depth understanding of who to keep in mind while they plan.

Combined with the insights on where each fan is going and engaging on-site, NFC and RFID enables organizers to make each year even bigger and better. Interested in NFC and RFID for your event or concert?

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