Custom USB Card

by TVM.Bio®

USB Music Card

by TVM.Bio®

Custom Flash Drive

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USB Credit Card

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Music Album USB Music Card
Custom USB Credit Card Drive for music single or album by TVM.Bio Card
Custom USB Card
Custom Flash Drive
USB Music Card Custom USB Card
USB Music Card Custom USB Card

USB Compatibility

Compatible with any USB device. Windows & Mac, Android Phones, tablets, and more. Almost anything with an USB port can read the music. Including your Car Stereo, Smart TV, and more...

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USB Music Cards Custom USB Cards
USB Music Cards Custom USB Cards

Full Color Front & Back

Album artwork printed in full vibrant color back and front. Don't forget that you can co-brand with sponsors to bring down costs. Valuable real estate that hangs around concert goers and music lover's necks...

Music USB Cards with Lanyard

Accessories Included

Lanyards are included in every order. A must have so that fans can show their love and support of your music. Great for live events, concerts, or any event where your music can be sold. We can provide custom lanyards, just ask when you request a quote...

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Built in TVM.Bio® Analytics - Patent Pending Technology

As a musician, you need to know when and where your music is being played and sold. USB Music Cards™ has partnered with TVM.Bio to provide you the smartest merchandise on the planet with our patent pending technology! This is the only merch product that you can sell that will give you LIVE TIME ANALYTICS! Know when (day, month, year) and where (City, State, Country) your fans are listening to your music. These analytics will help you decide if you need more concerts or live performances in certain parts of the country. Win over corporate sponsors by showing them who and where your demographics are.

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TVM.Bio analytics with USB Music Cards - LIVE TIME DATA

Integrate Media Player

The integrated media player plays your album...

Custom Menu for USB Music Cards that will help you increase sales.

An easy to use Menu appears when you plug your customized USB Music Card™ into any computer - try it out by CLICKING HERE!

  • Music - all your amazing tracks in order with NO internet connection, ads to disrupt the mood, or expensive data charges
  • Artist Bio - takes your fans to your TVM.Bio Profile Page with all your social media links and other albums that can be purchased
  • Video - include music videos or custom "thank you" videos to your fans for their support
  • Back Stage - special pictures or videos to your fans as an added bonus for purchasing your album. For example: behind the scenes video clips, special album artwork, unreleased pictures of the band
  • Sponsors - including your sponsors on your home page is a great way to cover your cost and show gratitude for their support

Why Physical Music & USB Music Card™?

Don't you want your fans to play your music over and over again? Gone are those days because of limited data from mobile carriers and monthly streaming fees from expensive music platforms. Some fans might even erase your music from their phone to save space! What if your fans want to hear your music but don't have access to the internet? Physical music such as the USB Music Card™ is a great form of secondary marketing. Ever heard out-of-sight, out-of-mind? Well that's the digital world. If you simply stay in the digital world, then when your fans shut off their phones then you'll be "shut off". Allow them to see and be reminded of you when they walk into their house or room. CD players will no longer be available in cars in 2018. So don't sell outdated unwanted merchandise at live events. Give your fans the USB Music Card® and the ultimate experience in music memorabilia!

Our MP3 Player

Our easy to use MP3 Player is so simple a baby can use it. Don't worry about confusing unfamiliar buttons. We preloaded all your album's music so you have nothing to worry about. All your music will be protected from deletion on the USB Music Card's partition drive. The additional space can be used for your fans to store pictures, videos, or other memorable events that might go along with your album.

USB connector for Android phones to USB Music Cards

Android USB Connector

Allow your USB Music Cards™ to be played anywhere through your mobile phone with our custom Android connector. Simply plug in the connector to your Android phone and insert our USB Music Card® to the other side. Now your phone can play all your favorite musicians songs and videos without using valuable memory! Your cell phone becomes the player and you can still Bluetooth to your wireless speakers, car stereo, or any other devices.

Near Field Communication NFC built in USB Music Card


Near Field Communication. NFC technology allows you to touch your mobile phone to the USB Music Card™ and allow fans to be taken right to your TVM.Bio® Profile Page. Our cards are patent pending so no one else can offer this product. This is the same technology used to pay at cash registers at time of checkout.


QR Code

Quick Response Code. A QR Code is placed on your USB Music Card™ so music lovers can quickly get to your TVM.Bio® Profile Page. Once there, they can follow your social media links or purchase other albums. All data is tracked in live time and our software is patent pending so no one else can offer this service.



Universal Serial Bus. USB allows your USB Music Card™ to be played on any device that supports the connection. Whether it's a Mac, Windows, Smart TV, tablet, or 95.7% of other computing devices, you can be sure your USB Music Card will play.

How USB Music Card Works with Computer

No Commitments, No Expensive Orders, No Hassels

Buy just 1 Smart USB Music Card™ and try it before Re-Ordering!!!

Reduce Cost by Using Sponsorship Advertising & Partnership Marketing

Sponsorship advertising is a type of advertising where a company pays to be associated with a specific concert, event, trade show, artist, or album. In fact, sponsorship advertising is typically regarded as a stronger and deeper relationship than a simple advertising exchange of value.  Use your brand/style/music and distribution of USB Music Cards™ to win over sponsorship advertisers.

Full Card 3.1 in X 1.8 in
Suggested Ad Price $1.00-$2.00 per card
Half Card 1.5 in X 0.9 in
Suggested Ad Price $0.50-$0.75 per card

Digital Video Loaded On Card
30 Second to 5 Minute video loaded on home page
Suggested Ad Price $1.00-$3.00 per card

Use sponsorship advertising (also known as partnership marketing) to reduce the cost of your USB Music Cards™.  We will help you obtain sponsorship advertising (partnership marketing) once we define your brand/style and amount of cards you will be distributing.

USB Music Card Sponsorship Advertising
USB Music Card Sponsorship Advertising

Imagine NFL, Walt Disney, Ralph Lauren, Nike, or BMW wanting to be in a partnership marketing deal with you!  They can and will because they will get live time analytics that their brand is being distributed on your USB Music Card™.  A win for you and a win for them!

No Commitments, No Expensive Orders, No Hassels

NO long term contract, NO minimum order amount (Order just 1 Smart USB Music Card™), Registration is FREE, Customization is FREE, Shipping is FREE!!!